Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 30th Annual Conference on Dental Practice and Oral Health Hong Kong.

Day 1 :

OMICS International Dental Practice 2017 International Conference Keynote Speaker Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar photo

Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar has graduated in 1992 and served the Ministry of Health, Malaysia for 9 years. She has completed Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry in 2003, Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in 2006 from University of Adelaide, Australia and is also a Fellow of RACDS since 2004. In 2013, she did her Postdoctoral Research Fellow Program at the UTHSCSA, Texas, USA. She currently works as Senior Lecturer and Consultant Prosthodontist/Restoratives at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. She has published more than 30 papers in reputed journals.


Glass ionomer cement is among the commonly used material in dentistry but has some limitation such as low hardness and wear resistance which has trigger researchers to modify its powder composition. One-pot synthesis method was used to prepare new nanopowder hybrids of nanosilica-hydroxyapatite-zirconia (nanoSi-HA-Zr). This new nanopowder hybrid was added into commercial available conventional glass ionomer powder (Fuji IX, GC, Japan) at weight percentages of 1%, 3% and 5% by spatulation at controlled grinding process to produce GIC-nanosilica- hydroxyapatite-zirconia (GIC-nanoSi-HA-Zr). Vickers hardness of the new composite were assessed and compared with the Fuji IX and GIC-nanoSi-HA (GIC-nanoSi-HA) hybrid. In general, results showed that the hardness of GIC-nanoSi-HA-Zr composite was higher than Fuji IX and GIC-nanoSi-HA composite. The highest hardness values recorded is at 3% addition for GIC-nanoSi-HA-Zr which is ~75 HV (±2.48) compared to ~51 HV (±4.45) Fuji IX and ~56 HV (±6.67) GIC-nanoSi-HA. It could be concluded that incorporation of nanozirconia significantly improves the hardness of conventional glass ionomer and also GIC-nanoSi-HA.

Keynote Forum

Dharmasindhu Rai

Jerudong Park Medical Centre, Brunei

Keynote: Health, Safety and Infection control in dental laboratory

Time : 11:15-12:15

OMICS International Dental Practice 2017 International Conference Keynote Speaker Dharmasindhu Rai photo

Dharmasindhu Rai is a firm believer in taking a holistic approach to dentistry, focusing not only on restoring the functional capabilities of the patient but also restoring the balance and smile. He is specialized in crowns, bridges, dentures and also maintains his skills for general dental work like fillings, simple extractions, pain management, teeth whitening and patient education. He keeps abreast of dental techniques and technologies with continuing education.


Health, safety and infection control in dental laboratory is often an overlooked area and yet an important aspect for any dental practice. The use of appropriate infection control precautions is important for the dental technicians, as it is for the dental team. Improper handling of contaminated items, such as impressions, casts and other prosthetic appliances can result in cross contamination and possible cross infection to personnel and patients. A work environment which is safe to health is equally important for the dental technicians to produce quality work. This presentation will address all these issues along with our experience in implementing these changes towards JCI accreditation at Jerudong Park Medical Centre Dental Laboratory in Brunei Darussalam.